27 August 2015

MILCoffeeL (reden): coffee milkstout...

i LOVE the milk stout nitro from the left hand brewing company (longmont, CO), so i was incredibly excited to find this stout (ABV 5%) from the reden brewery in the city of swietochlowice in southern poland.  before i start, we need to discuss the spelling of this stout, "MILCoffeeL".  what is the significance of the capital letters?  i have decided to shoot a quick e-mail to the brewers.

the MILCoffeeL poured smooth and formed a beautiful head.  it boasted a solid, dark espresso with hints of dark chocolate, which dazzled in the evening light.  the subtle coffee scent had me eager for the first taste.  i appreciated the flavors of milk, coffee, and caramel with just the right amount of bitterness.  i do miss how the milk stout nitro pours, but here in warsaw, i think i may have just found my new favorite beer!

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