15 October 2018


i recently returned from greece, where i had this beer at the hotel bar.  alfa hellenic produces this lager (5% ABV).  this lager shares the typical golden appearance of most of the other mass-produced greek lagers.  its aroma was not exceptional.  the average flavor did not excite.  i do not recommend

11 August 2018

park gıda: zıkkımm weiss...

efes and bomonti dominate the turkish beer market so you can imagine my joy (harika!) to see this bottle at my local corner store.  i looked forward to trying this hefeweisen (ABV 4.9%) to cool down the ankara summer heat.  with hints of characteristic citrus and some honey, the folks at park gıda crafted a weiss which poured little head.  it rolled around my tongue with a recognizable taste.  i hope this newcomer signals a trend for the turkish capital.


11 February 2018

wynwood brewing: pop's porter..

it is 85° in miami but the winter olympics put me in the mood for a porter.  after cracking open the bottle, i immediately recognized the classic aromas of cofffee and chocolate.  it poured easy and went down smooth (6.8% ABV).  the folks at wynwood have crafted a comfortable beer with no surprises.

05 August 2017

ground zero: imperial fuck IPA...

if you need a break from the romanian lager, try this strong IPA (9% ABV) from ground zero, two friends, an artist and poker player, based in bucharest.  these guys do not mess around since they believe the corporate beer companies are waging a war for your mind and soul.  ground zero plans to win with an insurgency; the imperial fuck does not disappoint.

open the bottle and smell the sweet hops.  the IPA pours smooth with a golden finish and firm head.
let it roll in the mouth as the strong bite tickles the tongue.  you will be left wondering what happened when you finish the bottle.  time for another?

29 April 2017

lakes & legends: harmony farm...

the bottle explains it all; this minneapolis-based brewery has crafted a saison (ABV 6.3%; IBU 27) which has been stored in white wine barrels, left to age for one year(!). patience is more than a virtue for those in these northwoods

it felt like opening a wine bottle as the amber saison emerged.  there was minimal head and the aroma suggested a mix between a beer and a white wine.  it tasted as such and i could detect subtle hints of oak, reinforcing the barrel-aged process.  i wondered how an extra year or two in the cellar would have affected this pleasant drinking experience.

20 March 2017

browar staropolski: whisky stout

from the start, i was excited about this beer. whisky?  stout?  who could ask for a better combination.

these brewers from wola show that poles can produce more than just lagers.  the whisky stout (ABV 6.2%) poured smooth, and its dark chocolate color had a minimal head. the aroma was a bit lighter that most stouts but did have a hint of whisky, which teased my taste buds for what was to come. indeed, this stout did not disappointment; it boasted a gentle nuttiness with a chase of whisky.  i did enjoy this beer.

23 November 2016

bahamian brewery (freeport): sands

during my travels to the bahamas, i discovered this local brew.  the family of the bahamian brewery named its flagship beer, sands (5.3% ABV), after itself, which debuted on december 15, 2007 on the grand bahama island.  as noted in the picture, i drank this lager straight from the bottle, so i cannot comment on how it pours.

the golden lager has a light, clear appearance, which is typical for most beers in the caribbean.  it had a strong fragrance; somewhere between a mix of garlic and onions or burnt tires.  its flavor also disappointed.  sands definitely does not have a smooth, soft, pleasant texture as advertised.  i found it to be overly bitter, lacking any subtleties.  if given a choice, i would choose anything (or nothing?) over sands.