26 May 2008

memorial day 2008

clarissa, samba and i decided to go on a hike today.  jefferson county open space offers many day hike options for the denver locals.  today, the mt galbraith loop beckoned.

samba is our dog.  people mention he is very good-looking, but he is also smart...too smart.  how smart is he?  well, he can read, which is a skill that i highly respect.

19 May 2008

korea 2008

clarissa and i recently traveled to korea (south).  i think it was an eye-opening experience for the both of us.  clarissa realized why i do some of the things i do, and i discovered that i was becoming my father.

my parents wanted to show us jeju-do (the hawaii of korea).  we stumbled on a buddhist temple that was built in a perfect spot.