24 September 2008

salida, colorado

on a beautiful autumn weekend, clarissa and i returned to the "home" of our new vehicle.  for the past severals weeks, we had spent many hours hunched over the computer to find the perfect vehicle.  one day at work, i receive a page;  clarissa found a subaru forester with very little miles.  the catch?  the dealership was in salida, colorado (several hours drive from denver).  it was a spontaneous day-trip. suffice it to say, clarissa is quite pleased with the vehicle, and she looks forward to the heated seats this winter!

09 September 2008

tune-up 2008

i play ultimate frisbee.  basically, you run as fast as you can to catch a frisbee, or you run as fast as you can to prevent your opponent from catching the frisbee.  i play masters which is for folks who are "old" (defined as 33 years plus).  the masters team from denver is called double black.  we won the 2nd annual tune-up over the weekend.