23 November 2016

bahamian brewery (freeport): sands

during my travels to the bahamas, i discovered this local brew.  the family of the bahamian brewery named its flagship beer, sands (5.3% ABV), after itself, which debuted on december 15, 2007 on the grand bahama island.  as noted in the picture, i drank this lager straight from the bottle, so i cannot comment on how it pours.

the golden lager has a light, clear appearance, which is typical for most beers in the caribbean.  it had a strong fragrance; somewhere between a mix of garlic and onions or burnt tires.  its flavor also disappointed.  sands definitely does not have a smooth, soft, pleasant texture as advertised.  i found it to be overly bitter, lacking any subtleties.  if given a choice, i would choose anything (or nothing?) over sands.