04 October 2015

browar stu mostów: coffee milk dark lager art3...

OK, i decided to change fonts.  thoughts?

browar stu mostów, from wrocław, makes some interesting beers.  the ART series is a collaborative experiment with german brewers, camba bavaria.  the simple design of the coffee milk dark lager (4.8% ABV; 25 IBU) beckoned me as you may now know, i do have a weakness for the all things coffee and dark.

i was curious to taste what a dark lager had to offer.  it poured smooth with minimal head; the dark lager was rich in texture and had a notable coffee aroma.  unfortunately, the taste did not match its appearance.  the brewers boast a two-step process where peruvian (elmer pena) coffee is added to the hops and to the maturing beer.  i felt that this was overkill, and the overabundant coffee flavor gave it a bitter, almost rotten taste.  sorry guys, next time.